Jing is the main character in the series and the King of Bandits, with a bird called Kir. They

Jing and Kir

're traveling around stealing anything they desire and sort of help the people in the cities they go to. Jing isn't really a king, he's just the best bandit ever.


Jing has a laid back manner, and faces life with a disarming and confident cheerfulness, seemingly doing things on a whim.


He has a retractable sword up the right sleeve of his jacket attached to his arm that can cut just about anything as seen in 1st shot- in the city of thieves when he cut down a statue in one swipe. In 2nd shot- Mystery of the
Images-2- (2)

Jing's sword

phantom ship, however he is unable to cut through the chain of the living anchor.

Kir Royal: A move he can perform when he combines with his bird companion Kir. Kir's body latches onto Jings arm with a spine-like look. His wings grow larger and his body elongates into a skeletal latch up Jings arm and further in the series of twilight tales he has a long bony tail and his face looks less comical. Kir also still wears his bandana in this form. Kir can also shoot objects with Kir Royal that can fit into his mouth. Kir cannot perform Kir Royal if his throat is damaged.

Jing is also a very good thief. He can steal anything he desires even something as precious as a life. He can

Kir Royale

even steal a girls heart.

Jing is also quite acrobatic and a good fighter as seen throughout the series.


Jing mostly wears a long yellow and sometimes orange bullet proof over coat with a spiral on the shoulders, a black muscle shirt, Black or gray baggy pants that are sometimes gray camo, Black boots with many silver straps and some times trinkets dangling from his belt. Jing is tall and slender with long black and spiky hair and his eyes are a metalic black.

Jing sometimes changes his outfit but its rare. In 31st shot- girl on aution he wears a red and white suit lined with white cotton sort of like santa clause witha matching hat but his pants and boots stay the same. In twilight tales book 7 he wears a long sweater with lines down the sleeves. He sometimes will disguise himself as well.

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